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If you were a kid in Southlake after the town’s incorporation in 1956, there’s a good chance you sat in old Carroll Hill for elementary school, grabbed a candy bar at Village Grocery, later attended brand new Carroll High School and bought gas at Yates Corner Grocery.

Society member gathered photos from longtime residents and archived newspapers, looked through scrapbooks and yearbooks and culled comments from the Facebook page “You know you grew up in Southlake when…” to gather information for this summer 2021 exhibit.

In 1979, Carroll ISD administrators, students, teachers, coaches and parents suffered a tragic loss. Don Durham was killed in an automobile accident on Texas 114 while driving home from a school-related event. Don Durham had been hired by Jack Johnson in 1964 and for 15 years successfully served as an administrator, teacher and coach.

Getting ready for take-off in Southlake
Yep, that is a flying Ford Pinto! As we are learning more and more about the history of aviation in Southlake, we’ve discovered many commercial pilot sponsored small airports in this area, in the 60’s and 70’s. These were aviation enthusiasts who enjoyed their passion for flying, even in their off hours. Not sure if a flying car ever landed here, but, probably many pilots dreamed of such a thing.
The Lazy K Ranch, with 3 hangers and an airstrip off White Chapel Rd. Carroll High School sits now on this exact spot!
Helicopters at the Lazy K
Hartlee Airfield in Denton. Thanks to David Johnson who supplied this image.
Another great piece of Southlake area history and our connection to aviation, sent to us by Kathy Kaspar Frank, in a family photo. Take a minute to read this and notice the date – 1971.